Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage calculatorWhen buying a home, there are quite a few factors to consider, and a lot goes into the process. If you're thinking about buying, it's essential to learn beforehand what to expect financially before making an offer. To assist you, we've gathered several mortgage calculators and other tools designed to make the research process that much easier.

Rent or Buy Analyzer

This calculator will help you determine if you're ready to buy a home, based on criteria like your monthly rent, the amount you'd like to pay per month, and how much of a down payment you have on hand to pay towards a home. The calculator will create a comparison between your current renting expenses and the projected expense of owning a home, then determine which route (buying or renting) is a better value.

Maximum Mortgage

This calculator will help prospective buyers answer the ultimate question: What mortgage do you qualify for? By entering your household income, monthly payments, and an estimated property tax expense, you'll be able to learn what your maximum potential mortgage will be with this powerful tool.

Mortgage Analyzer

Use this tool to calculate the monthly mortgage payments you can expect during the life of a mortgage. Calculations are based on payment frequency, interest rate, amortization period, and the length of the mortgage.

Payment Analyzer

The payment analyzer will calculate how the amortization period will be affected based on whether mortgage payments are scheduled monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly.

Pre-payment Analyzer

Are you planning to make a pre-payment on your future home? Use this calculator to determine how much time you can shave off of the amortization period and how much you can save on interest over the course of your mortgage with pre-payment.

Standard Calculator

Enter a home's sale price and your preferred loan terms in order to determine your monthly payments.

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