How Do I Select A real estate agent?

selecting a real estate agentWhen selecting a real estate agent remember to consider:

1. What standard do they operate at?: Pick an agent based on company-specific criteria.

2. How has this agent performed? Competence matters, the same goes for an agent and/or their team and the services they offer. 

3. How much experience do they have? Select a real estate agent based on their experience to deliver your desired result. Do not base your choice on price; local market conditions control sale prices, not the real estate agent.

4. Can they help you make informed decision? real estate agentS® only control your marketing plan, not the market. It is a good idea to choose a real estate agent first and then discuss price and market position of your property. A big mistake is trying to get real estate agentS® to “bid up” the price to get your listing. A true professional will give you truthful feedback and factual information so that you can price your home within the market.

5. Is their pricing realistic? Don’t select a real estate agent just because they gave you the highest unrealistic price to list at. Sellers often end up disappointed when they are presented with unrealistic pricing of their home. 

6. Can they talk about the positives and negatives? Don’t select a real estate agent because they like your home the most. Hire a professional who is not afraid to have difficult conversations when needed. Many people will try to avoid a talking about price issues or obstacles in getting the sale done. You don't hire your doctor based on how nice they are, you hire them to take care of you, whether it is good or bad. Same applies to your biggest investment.

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