Buyer Representation

The Crux of the Matter

buyer representationWhen it's all said and done, most real estate transactions conclude without issue, though nearly everyone has at least a challenge or two along the way. These challenges may be routine, mundane issues, but sometimes they can be bizarre and difficult to manage. No matter how routine or outlandish, either can have prospective homeowners pulling hair out from stress. Because real estate agents can at times have divided loyalties, one side or the other may come to question whether those loyalties lie with them. Mistrust develops. Small problems can blow out of proportion. At that point, it becomes a crisis.

This is why all buyers should want a real estate advisor. Having a real estate advisor on your side enables them to serve as an advocate for you, keeping things on an even keel should any wrinkles arise. If a challenge develops, you know where your agent stands. Plus, the seller pays for it, not you!

Our Pledge To You

Our agents are educated and versed in the legal aspects of real estate practices and are licensed to provide real estate services. We earn our living by servicing the needs of home sellers and buyers with integrity.

Skilled Service

The majority of buyer's agent work is performed "behind the scenes." A buyer's agent will preview homes, research comparable sales, acquire market knowledge, and evaluate current housing legislation previewing homes, all while maintaining and enhancing our professional credentials. For each hour spent showing you homes, our team may have spent up to ten hours preparing. We are constantly gaining new information to help us better serve you.

How a Buyer's Agent is Compensated

Real estate agents are not paid a traditional salary, but rather, are paid on commission, meaning we are only paid if we initiate and complete a transaction with you. Agents are compensated only when your needs have been met and you take ownership of your brand new home. Services provided on your behalf are not compensated unless you purchase the home through us. Real estate commissions are traditionally paid on closing day when you take ownership of the home, and they're traditionally paid from the seller's proceeds rather than out of your pocket. Buyer representation is a FREE service that protects your interests when buying a home.

Your Commitment to Us

We invest substantial time and effort researching and locating the right home for you, and we strive to represent you with unequaled integrity throughout the home-buying process. In return, we request a commitment that you will work exclusively with our Los Angeles real estate agents in selecting and purchasing your home.

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