Moving to Pasadena CA: 9 Things to Know Before You Move

Is Pasadena CA a Good Place to Live? Moving Guide

Moving to Pasadena, California, can mean waking up to the majestic San Gabriel Mountains in your backyard. The allure of this picturesque city extends beyond its natural beauty. Seeking a cultural haven or a culinary adventure? Pasadena offers a unique blend of opportunities waiting to be explored. The city has plenty to see and do, from historic landmarks to trendy boutiques. Whether you're relocating in-state or moving to California, find out what makes Pasadena a compelling choice for your new home.

Pasadena Highlights

  • The selection of affordable neighborhoods balances Pasadena's higher cost of living
  • Abundant job opportunities with diverse employers in the city and neighboring LA
  • Vibrant parks, diverse dining, and nightlife
  • Mediterranean climate
  • Well-connected transportation, walkable neighborhoods, and many schools

Cost of Living in Pasadena

If you are considering a move to the city of Pasadena, be prepared for a higher cost of living compared to the national average, primarily driven by above-average housing expenses. Costs are, however, right on par with the cost of living in Los Angeles, Pasadena's neighbor to the southwest. While the cost of living is elevated, Pasadena provides a high quality of life with its exceptional amenities and opportunities.

Real estate prices reflect the city's fantastic location in the Los Angeles area, but affordable options can be found as well. Condos in Pasadena typically list from the high $400s to more than $1.5 million, while most detached homes are priced from the high $700s to $2.5 million. 

Pasadena's luxury homes have a lot to offer homebuyers, with prices ranging from $2 million to more than $10 million. 

Biggest Employers Near Pasadena

Pasadena CA Has Many Science Career Opportunities

The science and technology industry thrives in Pasadena, creating many careers in this sector for job seekers. More than 300 science and tech companies call Pasadena home. Notably, life science and biotechnology companies comprise many of the area's biggest employers. The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and NASA provide many jobs for science-minded job seekers in the area.

Healthcare, a staple in the neighboring Los Angeles economy, is another booming industry in Pasadena. Top employers include Kaiser Permanente, Huntington Memorial Hospital, and Huntington Medical Research. The city also has several commercial districts that welcome retailers and restaurants, offering more job opportunities for locals.

More information about finding a job in Pasadena:

Things to Do in Pasadena

Brookside Golf Course in Pasadena, California

When you're settling into Pasadena, check out the local golf course, vibrant parks, and scenic hiking trails for outdoor adventures. Explore the city's diverse culinary scene and exciting nightlife options. Additionally, take advantage of the convenient proximity to the attractions of nearby Los Angeles for even more entertainment choices.

Parks and Hiking Trails

Discover Pasadena's picturesque parks and hiking trails for an invigorating outdoor experience. Eaton Canyon Natural Area—located just north of Pasadena's sought-after Casa Grande neighborhood and directly west of the small Kinneloa Mesa community—boasts scenic trails and a stunning waterfall. The Arroyo Seco Trail offers a picturesque route for hiking and biking enthusiasts to explore the beauty of Pasadena. Brookside Park provides recreational amenities such as playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports fields for outdoor activities with family and friends. 

The Lower Arroyo Seco Park offers nature walks, birdwatching opportunities, and serene landscapes if you seek a peaceful retreat. Embrace the natural beauty of Pasadena at Hahamongna Watershed Park, a favorite spot for hiking, birding, and enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Pasadena's vibrant culinary scene and lively nightlife offer many dining options and entertainment venues for residents and visitors alike. Explore the city's rich history of restaurants, ranging from cozy cafes to upscale dining establishments, each contributing to Pasadena's strong community feel and culinary diversity. Whether you're craving international flavors or classic comfort food, Pasadena has something to satisfy every palate. 

The nightlife scene in Pasadena is equally vibrant, with trendy bars, lounges, and entertainment venues providing the perfect setting for socializing and relaxation. Local hotspots and cultural events further enhance the city's charm, making dining out and enjoying the nightlife an integral part of the Pasadena experience.

Attractions in Nearby Los Angeles

Explore the vibrant attractions and entertainment options available in nearby Los Angeles; the entire city is a short drive away, and LA's Highland Park neighborhood shares a border with southwest Pasadena. Immerse yourself in world-class museums like the Getty Center and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or get lost in the vibrant nightlife of Hollywood, with iconic theaters, clubs, and restaurants within reach. Be enchanted by the magic of Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood, where fun-filled adventures await. 

From the unique shopping experiences on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and the trendy boutiques on Melrose Avenue to live events at the Staples Center or the Hollywood Bowl, there's exceptional entertainment near Pasadena. Los Angeles is a playground of diverse experiences close to your new home in Pasadena.

Annual Climate in Pasadena

Pasadena CA Has a Warm Summery Climate

With a Mediterranean climate, Pasadena offers residents hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters, along with pleasant spring and fall seasons. Pasadena's climate is characterized by low humidity, making outdoor activities easily accessible year-round. The consistent weather patterns allow for enjoyable outdoor experiences such as hiking in the nearby mountains, picnicking in the city's parks, and exploring vibrant Downtown Pasadena

The Mediterranean climate also provides ideal conditions for growing many types of plants and trees, contributing to the city's lush greenery. 

Major Roads and Commute Times in Pasadena

Getting around Pasadena's major roads and understanding commute times can greatly impact your daily travel experience in the city. The city's well-connected road network makes traveling within Pasadena and nearby locations convenient. Major roads like Interstate 210 and State Routes 134 and 710 provide easy access to neighboring cities like Glendale and Burbank and to the Los Angeles Metro system. Commute times in Pasadena average around 29 minutes for residents, but this can vary depending on traffic conditions and the distance to your workplace. 

Additionally, walkable neighborhoods and bike-friendly lanes promote eco-friendly and healthy commuting options for residents. Familiarizing yourself with these major roads and transportation options can help streamline your daily commute and enhance your overall experience living in Pasadena.

Public Transportation in Pasadena

Getting around Pasadena is easy with its well-connected transit system, including buses and the Gold Line rail service, which connects to the larger Los Angeles public transportation system. The city is renowned for being bike-friendly, boasting dedicated lanes that help cyclists to commute safely. 

In addition, ride-sharing services are prevalent in Pasadena, providing residents with flexible and efficient transportation alternatives. Whether you prefer taking the bus, riding the Gold Line, cycling, walking, or using ride-sharing services, Pasadena's diverse transportation options make getting around the city a seamless and stress-free experience.

Schools in Pasadena

Pasadena CA Education Opportunities

The Pasadena Unified School District educates about 15,000 students from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. The district oversees 23 schools spread throughout Pasadena's best neighborhoods, including 13 elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. 

Pasadena is also home to several private schools, giving residents various education options in the city. The Westridge School, an all-girls school for Grades 4–12, and the Sequoyah School, a K–12 school, are just a couple of options. 

Whether you prioritize academics, extracurricular activities, or a specific educational philosophy, Pasadena's schools cater to various preferences, ensuring you find the right fit.

Consider Calling Pasadena Home

As you consider moving to Pasadena, you'll discover a vibrant community, diverse activities, and a high quality of life. Whether you're exploring scenic parks, enjoying the culinary scene, or benefiting from job opportunities, Pasadena can suit your needs. With its Mediterranean climate, emphasis on education, and convenient transportation options, Pasadena offers a perfect blend of work and play. Make the move to Pasadena to experience the best of what California has to offer.

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