Selling a House With a Pool? 4 Staging Tips to Help You Sell Faster & Get More

Staging Tips for a Backyard Pool

A home with a pool can be an excellent investment for property owners who love to swim and enjoy the entertainment features it offers. For those selling a home, the pool can be an excellent way to increase the number of interested buyers, and it may even help sell the home faster at a higher price. However, that's only the case when the pool is in good condition. If not, it could look like too much work for the buyers, who pass it up. Read on to learn how to stage your pool when selling your house to ensure it's helping to make the sale.

Keep Up With Pool Maintenance

One of the most important steps is to keep the pool in pristine condition. That includes having all debris removed from it and skimming out anything necessary on a consistent basis. Before a showing, ensure there is nothing but clean, debris-free water present. Typically, it is best to have the pool open so that potential buyers can see what they can expect.

Also, ensure that the equipment for the pool is in good working condition and, if possible, properly serviced by a professional. Maintain all documentation for filters and working components of the pool as well as a way of providing proof it was maintained well. Do the same for any upgrades made to the pool over the years of ownership.

If a professional service was used to maintain the pool over its lifetime, be sure to provide that information to the prospective buyer, as it helps to show that time and money was put into keeping it in exceptional condition.

Answer Safety Concerns Before They Start

Know the local laws regarding pools and fencing. If there is a law in place, be sure that the pool is set to meet its requirements. Even if there is no law, it helps to show the prospective buyers that the property is, in fact, safe. Numerous safety solutions exist, and choosing anything that works properly can be beneficial.

A fence around the pool is one step that is typically beneficial. Others may include using a taut cover over the top or other measures. The key is to show prospective buyers that the pool is set up and ready to be used and that it is easy to keep children safe from risks. The more the homeowner can minimize these risks and help ensure they receive any insurance premium discount from those safety features, the more attractive the pool is for the buyer.

Stage an Entertainment Area

Let Homebuyers Imagine What It's Like to Entertain Around the Pool

Set the stage for the prospective buyer. For example, the property owner may want to purchase an outdoor dining set that showcases just how large the area is around the pool. Creating a space that looks like an entertainment area is a fantastic way to entice people to purchase. Comfortable patio furniture around a fire pit may help to paint the picture that there's ample room in the backyard for any needs they have.

Be sure to remove as many personal items from the area as possible, though. It is essential for the prospective buyer to see themselves in that space rather than feel as though they are intruding on a family's space. The easier it is to visualize being in that home, enjoying the pool, relaxing by the water, and entertaining, the more desirable the location becomes to prospective buyers.

Treat the Pool Area Like It's a Room in the House

Staging the pool is just as important as decluttering a home; the goal is to make the area appealing. First, as noted, remove any personalization from the space. Try to remove anything distracting to the pool's features, such as signs or sports memorabilia that may not appeal to everyone. Ensure things like grills are cleaned up and tucked out of the way, so they don't look like someone was just using them.

The entire area should be clean, from the landscaping to all other features of the pool design. Remember that a fresh coat of paint on the home's exterior can also help make it an attractive place. When possible, create different areas in the space, such as one for relaxing under the sun, another for dining, and a third for a fire pit area. That helps show the versatility of the space.

Bonus Tip: When to Sell

When selling a home, timing is a big deal. It is often good to sell when the home's main features stand out. For the pool area, late spring and summer are the best times to do so. During this time, the pool is open and welcoming, drawing in people who come to see the property on a hot summer day. That way, they know they can use the pool right away if they buy now.

For the winter months, if the pool is heated, get it up and running. On a cold day, seeing the warm, heated pool can be an attractive feature that brings in buyers.

Enhance Pools to Improve Selling Value

For those who have a pool that is outdated or older, updating and modernizing it can be important to the sales process—selling a home with a pool that is ready to go may be a good way to stand out from the competition. The key is not to tell the prospective buyer to think about all the maintenance and upkeep an outdated pool can need. Pulling together these strategies can make a big difference when selling the property.

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