Pest Remediation Information for New Homeowners

How to Get Rid of Pests in the HomePest infestation can be a big problem in a home. Without remediation, pests can damage the home's structure and spread disease. Homeowners who live in homes with pests must take steps to ensure that the pests are removed and will not come back. If you're a homeowner living in a property with pests, here's what you need to know.

Inspect for Evidence of Pest Infestation

Pests typically leave evidence of infestation. The evidence varies depending on the type of pest.

Some infestations are obvious, and homeowners can tell their home is infested because they see the pest in their house. Roach infestations are like this. Roaches are usually seen in areas of the home where they find food or shelter. They come out when the lights are off, and return to shelter as soon as the lights are turned on.

Other types of infestation are less obvious. Homeowners must watch closely and recognize the signs. Common signs to look for when inspecting the home for pests include:

  • Small holes chewed through the wall.
  • Feces, the size of a grain of rice, found in cabinets, under furniture and in closets.
  • Bits of torn or shredded paper collected in the same location with feces.
  • Holes eaten through wood.
  • Musky odor in the air.
  • Damaged wiring.
  • Saw dust found randomly in corners near walls.

One more sign of pest infestation is the sound of scrabbling feet in the walls or ceiling of the home. All of these signs point to a possible pest population in the home, and should be inspected as soon as possible.

Adjust Your Cleaning Habits

Cleaning habits play a big role on whether or not a home is vulnerable to pests. Keeping a clean home can help keep away rats, mice and many types of insects. To prevent pests from moving in or to encourage pests to move out, the homeowner must have the following habits:

  • Clean the kitchen and dining room floor nightly.
  • Clean the dishes and counters every night before bed.
  • Take out the trash daily.
  • Avoid eating in any part of the home that isn't the dining room or the kitchen.
  • Thoroughly clean the entire home at least once per week.

Good cleaning habits keep pests from accessing crumbs and bits of food, thus making the home less hospitable for animals.

Keep All Food Inaccessible

Pests will eat their way through food packages like cereal and tea boxes. Keeping these foods in hard containers can prevent the animal from accessing the homeowner's food supply. Homeowners who discover that their home has pests must put their food in tubs or jars as soon as possible.


Weatherstripping is an excellent way to prevent pests from entering the Calabasses home, especially in cold winter months when pests are likely to come in searching for warmth and safety. Weatherstripping involves sealing the cracks in the home around the doorways, windows and foundation. Homeowners who weatherstrip their home at least once per year can keep pests out of their house when the weather outside starts to get colder.

Work With a Pest Remediation Company

Working with a pest remediation company is a great way to keep your home free of pests. Pest remediation companies have ways of removing pests safely and without placing the rest of your household at risk. For more information about how you can keep your home free of pests, contact a reputable pest remediation company today.

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