Curb Appeal and Staging Tips to Sell Your Home

Staging and Curb Appeal: How to Win Over BuyersWhen the time comes to sell a Los Angeles home, staging and curb appeal can make all the difference in the world. Homes that are well staged will appear tidy, maintained and light-filled. Ultimately, staging can help sell your home more quickly and can help boost offers.

Maintain Your Lawn

A tidy lawn makes a good first impression with home buyers. Uncut grass and brown plants may tell a potential buyer that the home hasn't been properly maintained.

  • Set up an automatic watering system. Watering the grass regularly can keep it fresh and green. As the house-selling process becomes more involved, maintaining a steady watering regimen may become challenging. Set up an automatic watering system to ensure that the watering will get done no matter what.
  • Keep the grass trim. Grass grows quickly and can give an impression of untidiness when not maintained. Cut your lawn on a weekly basis, or pay someone to cut the lawn for you.
  • Clean up debris. Clear away all lawn debris like twigs and sticks to keep your lawn looking its best.

Keep Up With Landscaping

Planting colorful annuals is a smart way to attract attention from home buyers, but once the plants are in the ground, they will need maintenance to keep the garden looking its best.

  • Deadhead. Cut away old dead blossoms to keep your plants producing more blooms.
  • Prune. Prune lanky shrubs and plants to encourage leafy growth.
  • Weed. Weeds will pop up in all the wrong places, which can make your garden bed look messy. Pull out weeds and throw the debris away. Don't leave weeds that have been pulled up laying around on the garden beds.
  • Mulch. Lay down mulch between flowers to keep weeds away and to keep the ground moist and cool.

Leverage Flowers & Bouquets to Uplift the Atmosphere

According to flower company, having a few vases of freshly cut flowers can make or break a sale. There is nothing more refreshing than a vivid bouquet in the room.

Light Up the Interior

Dark interiors can make your home look uninviting, cluttered and small. Letting light into each room can help make your home look its best for buyers.

  • Replace burned out light bulbs. Replace all burned light bulbs in each light fixture, and turn on the lights during showings.
  • Take down curtains, leave sheers. Dark or heavy curtains block light and make rooms look dim. Take down heavy curtains and leave up the sheers.
  • Make use of mirrors. Mirrors help bounce light around the room. Mirrors can also bring light to dark corners when positioned across from open windows.

Keep the A/C Running

Nothing is less inviting than a stuffy, humid house or condominium unit. Keep the home’s air conditioning running during home showings to make the home more pleasant and comfortable when buyers walk through. For sellers who normally turn the temperature up to save money, keep the A/C a bit cooler than normal when home buyers are expected. 

Clear Out Clutter

Clutter can make a home look untidy and small, so removing clutter is an important part of the staging process. To begin this process, buy home organizational systems that will enable organization of any clutter and mess in the house. Throw away or recycle old papers that are no longer needed, then clean out any storage spaces to show off how spacious it is when buyers come.

Following these tips will help make any house more attractive to buyers. For more tips, work with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent. They can give advice to help make a home as attractive as possible before showings and open houses. 

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