Where Are The Best Views in Los Angeles? 7 Can't-Miss Vistas

Best Views in Los Angeles

Looking for the best views in Los Angeles, CA? The city offers stunning vistas from various points around the city, from scenic overlooks to iconic landmarks. Discover where to catch breathtaking views of the skyline, the Pacific Ocean, and the surrounding hills. These spots are perfect for sightseeing, photography, or simply enjoying the beauty of Los Angeles’ best neighborhoods. Explore the top places to experience the best views in Los Angeles and enhance your visit to this vibrant city.

Griffith Observatory

Iconic Views of LA and the Hollywood Sign

Griffith Observatory is one of the most famous sites for breathtaking views in Los Angeles. Situated on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park, the observatory offers panoramic views of the Los Angeles Basin, including Downtown LA, the Pacific Ocean, and the Hollywood Sign.

As one of the top spots for sunset views in Los Angeles, the observatory is especially stunning as dusk descends and the city lights begin to twinkle. The Griffith Observatory also provides telescopes for public use, allowing visitors to take a closer look at the night sky.

Accessible and Educational

Bordered by the scenic Los Feliz neighborhood to the south, the Griffith Observatory is not just about the views; it also offers various educational exhibits. The Samuel Oschin Planetarium inside the observatory is a must-visit for anyone interested in astronomy. Admission to the building and grounds is free, making it an accessible destination for all.

We've found that the Griffith Observatory is a favorite among locals and tourists due to its scenic views and educational opportunities.

The Getty Center

The Views From The Getty Center Are Among LA's Best

Art and Architecture with a View

The Getty Center, located in the Brentwood neighborhood, is renowned for its impressive art collection and stunning architecture. But what sets it apart is its hilltop location, which offers sweeping views of Los Angeles.

Visitors often enjoy walking through the Getty's meticulously maintained gardens, which are designed to enhance the viewing experience. On a clear day, you can see Downtown LA, the Pacific Ocean, and even the San Gabriel Mountains from the gardens.

A Tranquil Escape

The Getty Center is a tranquil escape from the city's bustle. We recommend taking the Getty Center Tram, which transports visitors from the parking area to the museum. The tram ride offers picturesque views of the stunning Los Angeles luxury homes in the area and sets the tone for a relaxing visit.

In our experience, the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful surroundings make the Getty Center an ideal place to spend a leisurely afternoon.

Runyon Canyon Park

A Hiker's Paradise with Rewarding Views

Runyon Canyon Park is a popular hiking destination just north of the iconic Hollywood neighborhood. The park offers a variety of trails that range in difficulty, all leading to spectacular views of Los Angeles, including the Hollywood Sign and Downtown LA.

We've commonly seen locals and visitors enjoying the trails, often with their dogs, as the park features off-leash areas. The 2.7-mile loop trail is a favorite for its moderate difficulty and rewarding vistas.

Close Encounters with Wildlife

In addition to the stunning views, Runyon Canyon Park is a great place to experience local wildlife. While hiking, you might encounter deer, rabbits, and a variety of birds. However, be cautious of rattlesnakes, which are known to inhabit the area.

Mulholland Drive Scenic Overlook

The Views From Mulholland Drive Scenic Overlook Are Among LA's Best

A Famous Drive with Stunning Stopovers

Mulholland Drive is one of the most famous scenic drives in Los Angeles. It offers multiple overlooks with breathtaking views, including the Mulholland Scenic Overlook, a prime spot in the ultra-luxe Hollywood Hills neighborhood to see the city spread out below.

This drive has become a cultural icon, thanks partly to its depiction in films and literature. We've taken it many times and can attest to its spectacular vistas, especially at sunset, when the city is bathed in a golden glow.

A Photographer's Dream

For photographers, Mulholland Drive is a dream. The overlooks provide perfect spots for capturing panoramic shots of the Los Angeles skyline, San Fernando Valley communities, and even the distant mountains.

The best time to visit is late afternoon or early evening. The lighting is ideal for photos, and the cooler temperatures create a more pleasant experience.

Santa Monica Pier

Ocean Views and Iconic Attractions

The Santa Monica Pier is an iconic destination offering stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the coastline. From the end of the pier, you can see Malibu to the north and Palos Verdes Estates to the south, with the Santa Monica Mountains providing a dramatic backdrop.

We've found that the pier is incredibly vibrant at sunset, with the sky painted in hues of pink and orange. The Ferris wheel at Pacific Park on the dock provides an elevated view that is perfect for taking in the sunset over the ocean.

Fun for All Ages

The Santa Monica Pier is a family-friendly destination with attractions for all ages. In addition to the beautiful views, the pier offers an aquarium, an arcade, and various food stalls. It's a great place to spend an afternoon or evening.

The pier's combination of scenic views and the vibrancy of the Santa Monica community makes it a must-visit spot for anyone exploring Los Angeles.

Vista Hermosa Natural Park

The Views From Vista Hermosa Natural Park Are Among LA's Best

Urban Oasis with Skyline Views

Vista Hermosa Natural Park, located just west of Downtown Los Angeles, is a hidden gem offering beautiful views of the city skyline. The park's 10.5 acres are filled with native trees, flowering gardens, and sloping green lawns.

We've often recommended this park to those looking for a peaceful retreat amid the city. The well-placed benches throughout the park are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the views.

Activities for Nature Lovers

Vista Hermosa Natural Park offers several hiking trails for outdoor enthusiasts. These trails provide a short escape from the hectic scenes of downtown and are great for strolling, jogging, or even cycling.

The park is an excellent spot for a picnic or a leisurely day out, making it a favorite among locals and visitors.

Angel's Point

Splendid Views from Elysian Park

Angel's Point in Elysian Park offers the best views of Downtown Los Angeles. The park is one of the city's oldest urban parks, providing a historical context for your visit.

From Angel's Point, you can see Dodger Stadium, Hollywood, and the constant traffic along the Golden State Freeway. The combination of urban and natural landscapes makes this Elysian Park neighborhood viewpoint particularly striking.

Perfect for a Family Day Out

Elysian Park is a great destination for families. With playgrounds for kids, picnic areas, and art installations, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Planning a visit to Angel's Point is a great way to experience the beauty and history of Los Angeles while enjoying quality time with loved ones.

Wrapping Up Your Scenic LA Adventure

Among the bounty of things to do in Los Angeles, exploring the best vistas and viewpoints offers a unique way to experience the city's diverse landscape. From the iconic Griffith Observatory to the tranquil Vista Hermosa Natural Park, each viewpoint provides a different perspective on LA.

We recommend starting with the more accessible places like the Getty Center and Griffith Observatory. As you become more familiar with the city's layout, venture out to the hiking trails of Runyon Canyon and the scenic drives along Mulholland Drive. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a long-time resident, discovering the best views in Los Angeles is always a rewarding experience!

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