7 Best Places to Live in the San Fernando Valley: Where to Live in the Valley

Best Places to Live Near San Fernando Valley

Whether you're a long-time resident or considering moving to Los Angeles, the dynamic and far-reaching San Fernando Valley has an abundance of great communities worth considering. While it's located outside of the Downtown Los Angeles area, the Valley is an exceedingly popular area to live in, and an exploration of its top neighborhoods and cities will explain why.

Van Nuys

In Van Nuys, you'll find a range of homes from the high $400s to over $2.5 million, nestled among various neighborhoods in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. This densely populated area is home to Van Nuys Airport and is surrounded by the North Hills neighborhood, Panorama City, Valley Glen, and the Lake Balboa community.

You'll love the waterfront relaxation, water sports, and jogging and cycling tracks offered by Lake Balboa Park. The local farmers' markets provide an abundance of fresh produce. Despite its primarily residential nature, Van Nuys boasts a variety of shops and businesses, with a focus on high-end homes in new developments.

If you're looking to rent, you'll find diverse options from 1–3 bedroom apartments to houses and townhomes. And when hunger strikes, you can explore the array of restaurants catering to various tastes. In the Van Nuys neighborhood, you're not just buying a home; you're investing in a vibrant, evolving community.

Sherman Oaks

Reasons to Live in Sherman Oaks, CA

The Sherman Oaks neighborhood is a charming hideaway in the San Fernando Valley, offering green spaces, high-end shopping, and diverse housing options. It's a serene escape featuring local treasures like the Sherman Oaks Galleria, a shopping center known for its role in the film 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High.' Here, you can explore high-end shops, indulge in delicious eateries, or watch a movie at the ArcLight Theater.

Venturing onto Ventura Blvd, you'll encounter a variety of independent shops, boutiques, and cafes offering a taste of the local flavor. You can also find offices spanning the valley, making Sherman Oaks an ideal place for living and working. If you're a sports enthusiast, Sherman Oaks Park has got you covered, with sports courts and a swimming pool to keep you active.

When it comes to housing, the options are as diverse as they are appealing. From Sherman Oaks' ranch-style homes to luxurious mansions, there's an architectural style to suit everyone's taste. Homes in the neighborhood are typically priced from the $500s to $10 million. 


While Van Nuys offers a lively community, Encino's charm lies in its idyllic streets and top-quality standalone homes, providing a serene respite from the city's hustle. You'd find a small number of Encino condos listed in the $500s, but most detached homes range from $1.5 million to nearly $10 million.

Living in Encino offers you the best of both worlds. Its proximity to Los Angeles' city center allows for daily city experiences without the need to live amidst its hustle. You can conveniently commute to the heart of the Los Angeles economy while enjoying the tranquility of this suburban haven.

The Encino neighborhood comprises inviting streets that exude an idyllic charm. You'll have access to great dining and shops without any compromise. The real estate market in Encino offers top-quality standalone homes with nostalgic American charm, including grassy front yards and residential areas conducive to community bonding. So, if you're seeking a blend of city convenience and suburban charm, Encino might just be your ideal San Fernando Valley neighborhood.

Woodland Hills

Reasons to Live in Woodland Hills, CA

Woodland Hills offers you a diverse range of housing options, from affordable condos to luxurious mansions. Nestled in the southwestern-most section of the Valley, it's emerged as the thriving economic heart of the area, often dubbed the 'downtown LA' of the region. A central commercial hub, the Warner Center, anchors this vibrant neighborhood.

You'll find that the community is surrounded by a variety of neighborhoods extending in all directions. To the west, you have Calabasas while Tarzana awaits to the east. Northern borders include West Hills, Canoga Park, and the Winnetka neighborhood. And to the south, you'll find the scenic Santa Monica mountains.

Prices for homes in Woodland Hills vary widely. You can find cozy condos for just under $500,000 or sprawling mansions priced over $6 million. You're at the helm when choosing the lifestyle that suits your preferences and financial comfort zone.

In Woodland Hills, you'll discover a bustling economic center, diverse housing, and a community nestled among other vibrant neighborhoods and scenic landscapes. It's a place that offers you the best of the San Fernando Valley.


You'll find Northridge to be a charming neighborhood, boasting amenities such as the local recreation center and easy access to parks and natural spots like Chatsworth Reservoir and Lake Balboa. This laid-back suburb, formerly known as North Los Angeles, is a jewel in the San Fernando Valley. Homes in Northridge are priced from the high $500s to well over $3 million, reflecting the area's desirability and range of real estate offerings. Northridge's new construction homes are among the neighborhood's most expensive, listing from $2.5 million and up.

Northridge is also home to California State University-Northridge (CSUN), adding an educational and cultural vibe to the area. Take a stroll through the CSUN Botanic Garden or gaze at the stars in the Donald E. Bianchi Planetarium. You'll also have access to public and private schools.

Hungry? Northridge's Reseda Blvd. teems with restaurants, including the highly-rated Gen Korean BBQ House. Near the CSUN campus, you can enjoy a cup of coffee at the Freudian Sip. With its blend of natural beauty, academic atmosphere, and vibrant dining scene, Northridge stands out as one of the best places to live in the San Fernando Valley.


Reasons to Live in Calabasas, CA

The city of Calabasas is home to some of the most sought-after areas in the San Fernando Valley, including The Oaks neighborhood, Calabasas Hills Estates, Hidden Hills, and the Vista Pointe community. These communities offer luxurious gated homes, providing you with enhanced privacy and top-notch security. Homes in Calabasas are primarily large and luxurious, with prices ranging from the $700s to over $20 million. 

Not only is Calabasas renowned for its high-profile residents, but it's also well-known for its scenic neighborhoods and exceptional weather conditions. If you're looking for an upscale and luxurious place to call home in the San Fernando Valley, you can find a place in Calabasas.


Tarzana's has a charm all its own, with a serene suburban vibe, accessibility to Los Angeles, and a history linked to the creator of Tarzan. Nestled between Woodland Hills and Encino, this neighborhood provides a tranquil retreat from the city's hustle and bustle yet remains easily accessible to key destinations. Homes in Tarzana include options for a variety of budgets, with prices ranging from the high $300s to $15 million.

You'll find an array of shopping centers and quality grocery stores right in your backyard, making everyday errands a breeze. The community is vibrant and proud, with many residents calling Tarzana home for decades. You'll feel this sense of community pride, especially in the care neighbors take of their properties. The Tudor homes in Tarzana are among the most sought-after in the entire city.

Although Tarzana isn't directly adjacent to major attractions, its proximity to Woodland Hills and Encino puts you just a half-hour drive away from the beach and other Los Angeles hotspots. 

The Best of the San Fernando Valley

If you're considering a move to the San Fernando Valley, you're in for a treat, as the area is home to some of Los Angeles' best neighborhoods and suburbs. From the upscale charm of Calabasas to the lively vibe of Van Nuys, each community has a unique personality. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant culture of Northridge or the serene setting of Woodland Hills, there's a spot for everyone. Your dream home could be waiting in one of these stellar locations.

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