6 Best Parks in Pasadena, CA: Central Park, Victory Park & More

Purple Jacaranda Trees in Central Park, Pasadena CA

When exploring Pasadena, visitors can discover various parks offering unique experiences and settings. Each park in this vibrant city has its own charm and attractions that cater to a variety of interests. From the scenic vistas at Eaton Blanche Park to the community events at Victory Park, the green spaces throughout Pasadena's best neighborhoods have much to offer.

Brookside Park

Brookside Park in Pasadena offers a range of amenities, including swings, slides, and various climbing structures, all within a quarter mile of the iconic Rose Bowl Stadium. This vibrant park is not just a playground but also contains sports fields, courts, picnic areas, and a beautiful rose garden, making it a versatile recreational spot for families. The rose garden adds a touch of elegance to the park, providing a serene escape from the city. 

Brookside Park also holds historical significance, as it was the backdrop for a photo shoot featuring the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Furthermore, the beauty of the park and surrounding greenery provides the backdrop for some of the most beautiful luxury homes in Pasadena.

Pasadena Memorial Park

Pasadena Memorial Park, located at 85 E. Holly Street, is another tranquil and historic park in Pasadena. This park offers an amphitheater for various events, making it a hub for community gatherings. It is also a serene spot for picnics and leisurely walks. 

The park features several memorials and is easily accessible from many of the condos in Pasadena. The park's open space is ideal for hosting different events and activities, attracting visitors looking to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and take in the area's rich history. 

Victory Park

Victory Park provides diverse recreational amenities and community spaces for visitors to enjoy. The park, located at 2575 Paloma Street, boasts a well-maintained playground, inviting picnic areas, and ample open green spaces for recreational activities. Visitors can use the basketball courts, baseball field, and community center. Victory Park is not just a place for leisure but also a hub for community events, sports activities, and family gatherings.

Central Park

Central Park in Old Town Pasadena, CA

In the heart of Downtown Pasadena, Central Park stands out for its bandshell, which hosts musical performances and events. The bandshell provides a unique venue for entertainment, attracting locals and visitors alike.

Central Park is a popular destination for leisure activities and community gatherings in Pasadena. Visitors can enjoy the music at the bandshell while appreciating the surroundings of this Los Angeles County community.

Hahamongna Watershed Park

Hahamongna Watershed Park, situated at Oak Grove Drive & Foothill Boulevard in the luxurious North Arroyo neighborhood, offers magnificent views of the San Gabriel Mountains. Visitors who enjoy hiking and nature will appreciate the easy trails available. What sets this park apart is its serene environment and the opportunity to encounter diverse wildlife. 

It's a perfect spot for a peaceful outdoor adventure surrounded by nature's wonders. Whether looking for a stroll or a more immersive experience in the great outdoors, Hahamongna Watershed Park caters to all.

Eaton Blanche Park

Eaton Blanche Park, located in Pasadena’s Lamanda Park neighborhood, is known for its serene ambiance and well-maintained grounds. Located at 3100 E. Del Mar Boulevard, this park offers a tranquil environment perfect for relaxation and unwinding. Eaton Blanche Park is celebrated for its cleanliness and peaceful atmosphere, providing visitors with a serene retreat from city life. The well-maintained grounds offer a picturesque setting for picnics or simply enjoying nature.

Don’t Miss Out on These Stunning Pasadena Parks! 

Whether you’re living in, passing through, or moving to Pasadena, you won’t want to miss the beauty of these Southern California parks. From family picnics at Brookside Park to peaceful hikes at Hahamongna Watershed Park, each park has something for everyone to enjoy.

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