6 Best Neighborhoods in Glendale: Where to Live in Glendale, CA

Glendale Best Neighborhoods

As you navigate the streets of Glendale, California—one of LA’s best suburbs—you'll find yourself peering into a kaleidoscope of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character waiting to be uncovered. Intriguing corners and hidden gems dot the landscape, offering a glimpse into the diversity that makes up this vibrant city.

But which of these neighborhoods stand out as the crown jewels, drawing both residents and people considering moving to Glendale? Let's peel back the layers and discover the allure that sets these communities apart, paving the way for the best Glendale has to offer.

Adams Hill

Adams Hill, located south of Downtown Glendale, offers residents an urban feel with a variety of amenities, such as coffee shops and parks. With a population of around 7,100 residents, this neighborhood provides a diverse community experience.

Residents in Adams Hill often choose to rent their homes, contributing to a dynamic and ever-evolving atmosphere. The area boasts eclectic architecture and panoramic views, adding to its unique charm. Homes in Adams Hill range from the $400s for smaller condos to more than $1.5 million for detached homes, some of which have spectacular views of Downtown Glendale and even Los Angeles.

S Glendale Avenue, E Chevy Chase Drive, S Verdugo Road, and Forest Lawn Cemetery define the boundaries of Adams Hill. Whether you're seeking a vibrant urban environment or looking for a lively community with convenient access to amenities, Adams Hill caters to a wide range of preferences and lifestyles.

Downtown Glendale

Living in the Downtown Glendale Neighborhood

Downtown Glendale offers a vibrant mix of residential, employment, and entertainment opportunities, making it a dynamic hub for those seeking urban convenience and cultural experiences. Its real estate market is primarily made up of condos, with homes in Downtown Glendale usually listing from the mid-$400s to more than $2 million.

The area boasts various housing options, from funky and unique to modern and classy, catering to various preferences and creating a vibrant community atmosphere. You can find luxury living at The Americana at Brand—a large complex with shopping, dining, and entertainment options that’s home to some of Glendale’s best condo communities.

Employment opportunities are abundant, with major companies and small businesses calling Downtown Glendale home. The district's dynamic business environment is further enriched by new businesses regularly setting up shop, from high-quality restaurants to fitness studios.

When it comes to leisure, Downtown Glendale shines with its vibrant mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment. The Alex Theatre hosts live performances, and residents can enjoy a bustling nightlife scene, diverse culinary experiences, and extensive shopping opportunities at Glendale Galleria.

Verdugo Woodlands

Tucked between the Verdugo Mountains and the San Rafael Hills in northeast Glendale, Verdugo Woodlands—one of Glendale’s most expensive neighborhoods—offers a picturesque setting filled with diverse trees and a rich historical background. The area, located west of Verdugo Road, south of Oakmont Country Club, and north of Verdugo Park, boasts a lush environment with coast live oak, jacaranda, and sycamore trees.

Prospective Verdugo Woodlands homeowners can choose from a mix of single-family homes, multi-family residences, and commercial buildings. Homes for sale in Verdugo Woodlands typically list from the $800s to more than $3 million. The Homeowners Association works diligently to maintain the area's high-quality living standards and preserve its unique characteristics. Notable locations in the neighborhood include the Catalina Verdugo Adobe, Verdugo Woodlands Elementary School, and popular parks like Glorietta Park.

Historic houses such as the Rodriguez House on Niodrara Drive add to the area's charm, reflecting a blend of architectural styles that contribute to its character and appeal.


Nestled within the historic district of Glendale, California, lies the charming neighborhood of Rossmoyne. As Glendale's largest historic district, Rossmoyne boasts over 500 homes showcasing Period Revival architectural styles such as Spanish Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, and French-inspired designs. Homes in Rossmoyne are usually priced from $1.2 million to nearly $4 million.

Developed by the Haddock-Nibley Company between 1923 and 1950, this neighborhood exudes a rich historical significance that's evident in its well-preserved homes and tree-lined streets. Noteworthy within the district is Nibley Park, adding to the area's allure with its green spaces and community gathering spots.

Rossmoyne offers residents a peaceful ambiance and a glimpse into Glendale's architectural past, making it a sought-after location for those who appreciate history and timeless elegance. Whether strolling along the picturesque streets or enjoying the unique architectural details, living in Rossmoyne provides a sense of connection to the city's heritage and a tranquil retreat away from the bustle of urban life.


Living in the Montrose Neighborhood

The neighborhood of Montrose beckons with its small-town charm and proximity to a variety of attractions and natural wonders. Situated between the Verdugo Mountains and the La Cañada Flintridge community, Montrose offers a unique blend of community feel and scenic beauty.

The area boasts attractions like the Vietnam War Memorial—one of the nation’s first—the lush landscapes of the Verdugo Mountains and the peaceful ambiance of Descanso Gardens. Additionally, Montrose provides a charming shopping district where you can explore local boutiques and eateries.

With a population of 20,000, homes in Montrose are typically priced from around $900,000 to $1.6 million. Whether you want to immerse yourself in nature at Angeles National Forest or enjoy a quick drive to neighboring areas like Pasadena to the northeast or Burbank to the northwest, Montrose offers a tranquil retreat with easy access to urban conveniences.

Crescenta Highlands

As we shift our focus to Crescenta Highlands, you'll discover a diverse architectural landscape showcasing a mix of Craftsman bungalows and modern-style post-and-beam tract homes in North Glendale. The area, bordered to the west by LA’s Tujunga neighborhood and to the north by Deukmejian Wilderness Park, predominantly reflects postwar development.

Construction north of Foothill Boulevard mainly dates back to 1945. Unlike developments led by single entities, Crescenta Highlands' growth stemmed from various subdividers, resulting in a harmonious yet varied architectural scenery. Ranch-style homes, ranging from traditional to modern adaptations, are prevalent in this neighborhood.

Noteworthy developers such as Greggs Artistic Homes, Webster Wiley, and Gangi Brothers have contributed to its housing landscape. Homes in Crescenta Highlands usually range from the $600s to around $2.5 million, attracting residents seeking tranquility and outdoor pursuits. Local educational institutions include Rosemont Middle School, Crescenta Valley High School, and Anderson W. Clark Magnet High School.

Enjoy Unique Charm and Character in Glendale

So, as you explore the best neighborhoods in the city of Glendale, remember that each one offers its own unique charm and character. Whether you're in search of urban excitement, architectural wonders, or peaceful retreats, Glendale has something for everyone. Take the time to immerse yourself in each neighborhood's history, culture, and community spirit, and discover the tapestry of urban delights that make this city truly special.

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