4 Los Angeles Neighborhoods With Iconic Modern Style Homes

Los Angeles Neighborhoods with Modern Homes

Modern-style homes had a resurgence in popularity in Los Angeles real estate during the 1980s when consumers grew tired of the uniformity of suburban tract houses. The asymmetrical roofline is one of the most identifiable characteristics of modern architecture, but other features distinguish this style. This includes large windows and skylights for more natural light, blending of interior and exterior spaces, and new integrations with technology and energy-efficient features. Looking for your contemporary escape in the City of Angels? Keep reading to learn about four LA neighborhoods filled with modern-style homes.

Laurel Canyon

Laurel Canyon is one of the most easily recognizable neighborhoods in the Hollywood Hills due to so many luxury modern-style homes featured in TV shows and films. Many of the homes have floor-to-ceiling glass windows facing Los Angeles to the south, in addition to the asymmetrical rooflines and spacious living rooms that tend to blend seamlessly into the front patio and pool areas. There's no such thing as a "cookie-cutter" home in Laurel Canyon since most homes here were custom-built within the last 40 to 50 years.

Laurel Canyon Boulevard connects Studio City in the San Fernando Valley to the north with Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood to the south. Laurel Canyon Boulevard winds its way through the hills, and numerous cul de sacs and private roads branch off from there. Spectacular views and solitude are two of the main features of the neighborhood. There are almost no retail stores or restaurants in Laurel Canyon. Residents live a quiet, luxurious life in Laurel Canyon and head north or south to do most of their shopping and dining out. Laurel Canyon homes typically range from $2.6 million to the tens of millions to purchase.

Holmby Hills

Holmby Hills is an upscale neighborhood sandwiched between Beverly Hills and Bel Air in the western part of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Country Club makes up the southern boundary of the neighborhood. Many homes for sale in Holmby Hills cannot even be viewed from the street, thanks to 10-foot-high walls and shrubbery obstacles that most residents utilize for added privacy. Many spectacular modern and contemporary-style homes are tucked away behind those privacy screens.

Just a few examples of modern-style homes and mansions in Holmby Hills include the former home of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, Walt Disney's former home, and a newer addition is known as the Holmby Hills House -- designed by Scott Mitchell Studio. The streets in Holmby Hills are incredibly narrow, which is common in many neighborhoods in Hollywood Hills. There are no commercial shops or restaurants in the neighborhood, either. Holmby Hills residents love to travel south into Beverly Hills for shopping or work. Homes in Holmby Hills are typically priced between $4 million for single-story homes and $70 to $80 million for modern-style mansions.

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The Bird Streets

The Bird Streets neighborhood is located in Hollywood Hills, about halfway between Laurel Canyon and Holmby Hills. Most of the streets in the neighborhood are named for birds (Robin Drive, Mockingbird Place, etc.). The Bird Streets is considered one of the more charming neighborhoods in Hollywood Hills due to the wide variety of architectural styles. There are modern-style homes designed in the mid-20th century and modern-day castles. Many of the homes were cleverly designed to blend into the surrounding terrain -- another feature of modern-style homes.

Part of the reason homes in The Bird Streets fetch such high prices is the second-to-none views. Many homes have unrestricted views of West Hollywood and Los Angeles to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the west. There are no commercial businesses located in The Bird Streets. Residents tend to head to Rodeo Drive, directly south of the neighborhood, for all their shopping and socializing. Current modern-style homes listed for sale in The Bird Streets range from approximately $4 million to $24 million.


Modern Home in Los AngelesThe Westwood neighborhood is a large neighborhood in west Los Angeles, with Brentwood in the west and the Los Angeles Country Club in the east making up two of the neighborhood's borders. Westwood is zoned for commercial and residential, so it has a world-famous shopping district in a centrally located sub-neighborhood known as Westwood Village. Modern style homes are abundant in Westwood and more accessible price-wise than some homes in the more luxurious Hollywood Hills neighborhoods. The homes feature all the best stylistic distinctions of the modern style, including blended interior and exterior spaces, asymmetrical rooflines, and tons of natural light.

The University of California, Los Angeles takes up a lot of acreage in the north-central part of the Westwood neighborhood. Many of the buildings and towers in Westwood Village are recognizable landmarks against the skyline. The architects who designed Westwood Village starting in the 1920s made a conscious decision to build notable landmarks that would add character to the neighborhood. Westwood Village is a bustling shopping area worth visiting even if one doesn't live in the neighborhood. Homes for sale in Westwood are usually listed in the $1 million to $4 million range.

Modern Style Architecture Are Abundant in Los Angeles

Anyone interested in a modern-style home will find no shortage of possibilities in Los Angeles. The neighborhoods listed here in the Hollywood Hills include some of the most famous examples of modern design and decor available, and there are new custom builds coming on the market every year.

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