5 Ways To Determine If Your Roof Needs Repair

Five Ways to Identify Roof DamageA home’s roof is its first line of defense against the elements outside. Rain, snow, wind, and hail can all take their toll on a roof, especially after years and years of exposure. Sometimes damage to a roof can be obvious, but other times homeowners may not know what to look for when diagnosing their roof. Here are some of the different signs of roof damage that homeowners can look out for to know when their roof needs repair or replacement.

1. Shingles are Missing

If the homeowner notices a change of color on their roof, it may be because some of the shingles are missing. This is most often caused by heavy rain or strong winds, and the homeowner may even find the shingles laying on the ground near the home. While missing shingles can mean that the roof is getting old, if the roof is still new, it can mean that the shingles weren’t properly installed. If a roof is missing shingles, a homeowners should call a roofer quickly because those gaps can allow leaks inside and these type of improvements should not be done as a DIY home project.

2. Shingles are Misshapen

Shingles being missing isn’t the only way for moisture to get inside an attic. If shingles are curled, cracked, or broken, it can mean rain and wind can get inside the home, and this sort of shingle damage can be caused by extreme weather conditions. Misshapen shingles aren’t quite as noticeable as missing shingles, but homeowners will still be able to notice if something is wrong if they take some time to carefully look over the roof.

3. Shingle Granules Can Be Seen in the Gutters

When getting out the ladder to remove leaves from the gutters, take an extra moment to look for fallen granules at the bottom. As shingles age, they an lose their granules, and this is a normal sign that a roof may need to be replaced in the coming years. However, if a roof is new and it’s losing granules, it isn’t a sign to worry because new shingles will lose the extra granules that were loosely applied, and this is completely normal. It’s only when the roof gets older that it becomes a sign of needing to be replaced.

4. Light Can Be Seen in the Attic

When going into the attic, look for cracks in the roof that allow light inside. If light can get through the roof, that means rain, wind, and snow can get inside as well. Even a thin crack can allow moisture inside the home, and that moisture can help create a breeding ground for mold and mildew to grow. Because of this, homeowners who find that their roof has cracks in it may also want to hire a professional who can look for mold growth if they aren’t sure what to look for.

5. There is Noticeable Damage From Hail

If there has been a lot of hail recently, homeowner should get out a ladder and take a look at the roof to make sure it hasn’t been damaged. To find hail damage, look for circular areas were the shingle granules are missing. This is a tell-tale sign of damage from hail, but sometimes it can be difficult to notice. If this is the case, try looking things kept outside made of metal like the air conditioner or the gutters. Hail can also leave dents in things like these, and if it has, it’s a sign that the roof of an Agoura Hills home has suffered as well.

By keeping these five strategies in mind, homeowners can help themselves identify roof damage. If unsure about a roof’s condition, be sure to contact a professional roofer who can provide a second opinion.

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